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The Centre is managed by the Uniting Church in Australia, South Moreton Presbytery, as a way of supporting the Flagstone community.  


The Centre is funded jointly by the Uniting Church in Australia, grants and other partners.  We appreciate any support the community can offer.


This is a centre for the people of Flagstone and surrounds. It is a place where community services are offered, where groups can meet, where people feel safe and where people can learn and grow.  We hope this is a place you can come and feel welcomed, cared for and respected. 


Payments received by groups / or service providers will go directly towards the running costs of the centre – electricity, rent, phone, wi-fi, consumables, and continued development of the centre.


We are a Child-Safe Community Centre.  This means that all Centre staff have Blue Cards, and we encourage everyone working with children to have Blue Cards.  It means that we at the Centre will endeavour to do all we can to keep children safe.  It means that children’s rights are important and we, as a community, will do all we can to uphold those rights.
(UCA Safe Ministry With Children Policy)

We ask that anyone using the Centre be respectful of other groups / clients / social service providers regarding noise, respecting space and so on.  We have a shared kitchen area – so again, we ask that people be respectful to all.  And we ask that as much as possible, you respect the neighbours of the centre when parking - perhaps taking public transport, walking or riding to reduce the number of cars on the roads.

Please let us know how we can support the Flagstone community!

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